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7 out of 10 consumers prefer to do business with a BBB Accredited Business.

If your business meets BBB standards, you may qualify for BBB accreditation.
BBB Accredited Businesses receive:
  • BBB Accredited Business Seal

  • Increased Local Marketplace Trust

  • Online Listing in our Business Directory

  • Dispute Handling & Resolution Services

  • Customer Review Generator App

  • Access to BBB Studies & Surveys

BBB is good for your business.

“Some of my best leads are from customers searching for a handyman on BBB’s website. I even get leads from out of town: banks and other national companies, and individuals looking to connect to a trusted company to help their clients and relatives here in St. Louis. I see BBB as a great source of relatively low-cost advertising. It’s been a pleasure to be an Accredited member.”

- Mike Schwartz, Mike’s Maintenance

Join 375,000+ businesses and grow your business by applying for Better Business Bureau Accreditation. The application process is quick and simple. Get started below.