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In trying times, people want to do business with companies they can trust.

Multiple studies have shown that consumer buying patterns have shifted over the last decade.

Today, consumers go online to research companies, read reviews and verify credentials before they call you or complete your online form.

What are they looking for? Today, consumers want to know that you can be trusted. Without trust, nothing else matters.

What is your business doing to convey trust?

To measure the trustworthiness of your brand, take a look at your reputation. In his book, "The Speed of Trust," Stephen M. Covey suggests you ask yourself the following questions to gauge your marketplace trust:

  • Does your business have integrity – do you have a reputation for being honest and willing to face everything head on?
  • Does your business demonstrate good intent – are you perceived as being focused on serving your customers or simply as being out to make a profit?
  • Does your business have positive connotations – do people associate your brand with excellence or irrelevance?
  • Is your business associated with results – do your customers feel like you deliver what was promised?

When customers trust your brand, they act differently. They will buy more, refer more and give you the benefit of the doubt.

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“Customers get impressions about products from hundreds of sources, but when they believe a company is a good citizen, they feel more positively about a brand.”

– Shelley Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus, Oglivy & Mather